Personality and behavioral assessment of your employee or new recruit is seen as crucial in today's businesses. The concept of right person at right job is very important. Talent and personality assessment can solve the problem of selecting the right candidate as well as it solves the problem of identifying talents for training and development leading to better performance.

We provide in-house workshop based and online based assessment for your need.

Nature of services we provide:

  • In-house group assessment and mentoring/coaching for performance improvement and team building
  • Online assessment for your job applicants
  • Mentoring and counseling for managers based on their personality reports.

Solutions for Your Businesses

  • Selection: Personality and behavioral assessment to make the best selection
  • Leadership development: Identify and develop people who are empowered to lead others
  • Training: Educate and train specific skills that enhance performance
  • Mentoring and coaching: Mentor and guide your employees in their personal journey

Tools that we have

PDL's Personometrics

State-of-the-art personality and behavioral measurement instrument that uses computer graphics and text


Easy to use and interpret report

What's in our tool

  • Interests and motivations
  • Interpersonal behaviors, problems and characteristic
  • Values and leadership styles
  • Character strength