ICT Award Winning Technology

Who are we?

People Development Lab (PDL) Pvt. Ltd. is an ICT 2018 award winner company which brings the first-of-its-kind in Nepal, a technology in personality and behavioral assessment which is standardized to fit to our cultural values.

PDL combines the power of data and psychology to redefine the way career guidance, coaching, and leadership development processes are conducted. PDL is the first of its kind in Nepal. We strive to be the most trusted and reliable solution for testing and assessments in South Asia. We are a team of scientists, data engineers, developers, and HR specialist creating a powerful synergy in the domain.

What do we do?

People Development Lab (PDL) Pvt. Ltd. brings the first-of-its-kind in Nepal, a technology in personality and behavioral assessment which is standardized to fit to our cultural values. Psychological assessment is one of the common method of evaluating human's behavior, attitude and personality in the world. These kind of psychological tests are widely used in fields as diverse as human resource management to career guidance, from mental health to personality development.

Our Tool

We use Personometrics. It is a scientifically developed tool which is powered by an award winning algorithm that combines the power of data science and AI.

What do people say about us?

Anata Ghimire-Program Director , Uniglobe College

"The Software based personality check and interpretation exceeded my expectations in providing expertise, alleviating anxiety of unknowing your potential, & upholding the integrity of one"s profession.

This was a remarkable test which helped me to explore my personality and my areas of strength where I can excel and discover myself. Thank you Dr Kishor & People Development Lab for this robust methods of making people aware about their personality & Finding out Best Skills areas to explore one's true potential."

Pradeep Parajuli

Co-Founder Media Arch Inc.

" I was so surprised to know my self, my strength and capabilities by the personality test conducted from People Development Lab led by Dr. Kishor Adhikari. After his mentor-ship, I got the direction in my career to move forward. It has helped me to know my shortcomings and complement it by other skilled personals in my team. Highly recommended to people who believe in team work and facing problem in career growth."

Subarna Kuwar

Junior Officer Uniglobe College

" It was one-of-a-kind experience to take this assessment. The career profiler helped me to get insight of my interest, values and motivation. It helped me to align my interest and personality to the best fitting career ahead. I recommend that everyone must take this kind of assessment and make an informed decision. I am glad that Nepali companies are expanding the horizon of our knowledge and technology"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we do the test?

We use online computer technology that combines the graphic image selection and text-based question-answer format. It is 100% real time online assessment.

How long does it take?

In average, it takes 30 to 40 minutes. Time taken for the test varies on persona to person and the speed that they take.

What is the reliability and validity of the test?

The test is scientifically developed and standardized in Nepali population. Unlike, test that are found in internet and tests that are being used in Market without cultural validity, this one is developed by Nepali behavioral scientists.

Why I should not use any free test or even paid test that are available in internet?

Important aspect of psychological test (also known as psychometrics) is that the test has to validate in the culture that the test taker are from. IF I take Indian test or American test , even if it very expensive, the results do not reflect your true personality and talents. It adds to your confusion and sometimes could be misleading as well.

How much do I have to pay/invest?

Taking test is FREE. However, you only pay if you want to see your results.

We have kept pricing minimum to run this project. Such psychological tests are very expensive abroad and in India. Our price is different for Individuals, professionals, and corporate.

  1. Individual pays Rs 499 (Including VAT) to be able to view reports.
  2. Individual can also pay additional charge of Rs 1000 for post test counseling
  3. Professionals and Corporate gets price quotation based on the need. Please contact us by going to our contact page.